welcome to the third term


The Iron

It is a malleable metal, silver gray color and has magnetic properties. It is found in nature as part of numerous minerals and is extracted from the earth. Iron is the most used hard metal, with 95% by weight of the world's metal production. Steel is indispensable for its low price and usefulness, especially in mobile cars, boats and structural components of buildings. 


The glass

Glass is a hard, fragile, transparent inorganic material found in nature, although it can also be produced by humans. The artificial glass used to make windows, glasses, bottles and a variety of products.


The wood

Wood is a material found as the main content of the trunk of a tree. Once cut and dried, the wood is used for different purposes and different areas:


    • Manufacture of pulp, raw material to make paper.
    • Feeding the fire, in this case is called firewood and is one of the simplest forms of use of biomass.
    • Engineering, construction and carpentry.
    • Medicine.
    • Means of transport: boats, carriages.


iron process

wood process

glass process

web forum

The forum is that space that is used as a scenario of exchange between people who want to discuss specific issues or all kinds of topics



·         Free expression of ideas and opinions of the members.

·         There must be a common theme for all members 

·         Almost always informal

class activity: Round table

Hi! We will make a roung table during the class in order to see what a Forum is, the idea is that you think about the following question and tell us your opinión.


"is the technology good or bad?"


  • You must tell your opinion using english


Exercise 03

Hi Students! Let's start the next exercise in scratch, Watch the video in order to make a review, then follow the instructions. DO YOUR BEST!!!

1. Set the XY grid as a Backdrop

2. Draw a New sprite, It could be anything (Dog, cake, car, pets, food, anime etc.)



3. Make a shape using the sprite, make the script using the following blocks.

click the examples...

Made by the teacher
Made by the teacher
Made by Santiago Castrillon C, (5G)
Made by Santiago Castrillon C, (5G)


final activity using wood, metal and others.

Hola a todos, para esta semana se estará trabajando en la elaboración de un proyecto practico con los estudiantes de grado cuarto, realizando un artefacto tecnológico "la catapulta", esto con el fin de reforzar los temas vistos durante el periodo y de manera vivencial. Para ellos los estudiantes utilizaran los materiales respectivos muy fáciles de conseguir. Estos proyectos quedaran como muestra de proyecto de aula desde tecnología, luego serán donados al departamento de convivencia y así todos los estudiantes podrán disfrutar de ellos. Todos los estudiantes deberán traer los siguientes materiales de trabajo: 

  1. 8 palitos de paleta
  2. Un gancho sujetador de papel mediano (2 o 3 cm de ancho aprox)
  3. Una barra de silicona delgada
  4. Un octavo de cartón paja
  5. Una tapa plástica de jugo o gaseosa

10 digital behavior workshop

hola a todos, aquí están los 10 comportamientos digitales en ingles. ahora lo que deben hacer es en hojas de bloc dibujos representativos de cada uno de los 10 comportamientos digitales. estos deben entregarse en la semana del 5 al 9 de Junio en una carpeta banca de cartón. adjunto un pdf con los comportamientos digitales. archivo legal y en español. 

Bendiciones para todos. 


Your 10 digital behaviors


1. I use ICT respecting others, respecting and respecting myself


• When I use ICT I respect and respect others, being aware that we are all worthy people.

• I know that insult, slander and defamation are a crime or offense against the honor and good name of the people.

• I know that the outrage of work or speech, disseminated through technological environments can harm and disrespect the rights, privacy and dignity of a person or organization.


2. I practice my right to freedom and respect for others


• I understand freedom as the possibility of doing what does not harm another

• I have the option of deciding to participate in any activity offered by technological environments and to respect my decision, always respecting others'


3. I use my identity securely in my interaction with others in technological environments


• I protect my identity by making good use of my confidential information.

• I identify myself clearly and honestly, protecting my confidential information.

• Your responsibility is equally real on the virtual

• I do not use false identities to supplant people in technological environments.

• I do not share with other my access security keys to technological environments, to

• prevent me from being supplanted and not from others.

• I do not violate the privacy and confidentiality of others in technological environments, even when

• not properly protected.


4. I protect my personal  integrity and security


• I take care of the technological environments as I would when I go out, using my criteria to choose the places I visit and the people I interact with.

• Your responsibility is equally real on the virtual

• I take the necessary precautions in the relationships I establish with others I have met in technological environments.


5. I am responsible with my privacy and the privacy of others


• In technological environments I share information without affecting my privacy, nor that of others.

• I respect the information I have of the people I know and do not publish it without their authorization in the technological environments.


6. I use ICT for the free development of my personality and my autonomy, and through it I recognize and respect my beliefs and thoughts of others


• I participate in the technological environments expressing my preferences freely, respectfully and responsibly, always respecting the diversity, opinions, beliefs and thoughts of others.


7. I use ICTs to improve my quality of life, ensuring that I have a healthy and peaceful environment.


• I use ICT for my integral personal development, recognizing them as an aspect of my life without affecting other areas of my development.

• Appropriate and use ICT to improve my quality of life.

• I take advantage of ICT to support my intellectual growth and strengthen learning in all areas of knowledge.

• I support ICTs to work in groups and collaborate with members of my work teams.

• I self-regulate the time I dedicate to the use of ICTs, ensuring time for the development of the other aspects of my life.

• Your responsibility is equally real on the virtual


8. I am aware that minors require special care and support in the use of ICT.


As a senior digital citizen in my relationship with children and adolescents (NNA):

• I am a good digital citizen, I set a good example for minors.

• Guide and accompany minors to develop skills for the use of ICT in a safe and enriching way.

• I define rules of good use of ICT for the minors I accompany.

• Your responsibility is equally real on the virtual

• I denounce to the authorities the threats against them and / or crimes on the Internet before www.internetsano.gov.co, in the virtual CAI that you can find at www.delitosinformaticos.gov.co, writing to caivirtual@delitosinformaticos.gov.co or directly in an DIJIN National Police - Computer Crime Investigative Group office.

• I learn and know about their use and experiences with ICT.


9. I do not use ICT to promote, consult, view, buy, share activities related to  exploitation of minors, child pornography, child prostitution, trafficking in persons, promotion self-destructive behavior, organizations and / or activities outside the law or any other conduct that violates human rights.


• Your responsibility is equally real on the virtual

• I use ICT for healthy, safe and constructive activities, within the framework of Colombian law

• I do not accept or divulge virtual sites that promote self-destruction, xenophobia, exclusion, child pornography, trafficking in persons, intolerance, or


10. Your responsibility is equally real on the virtual


• I use products, tools and software from legally acquired technological environments.

• I do not copy or market ICT products that are protected by copyright

• When I copy a fragment of a work in the network or a text I make the appointments of rigor.

• I do not buy or promote pirated software.

• I support content development and free software I know I have the option to generate them.


los 10 comportamientos digitales.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat 1.3 MB