Make groups of five persons and prepare a presentation about ____________________ keeping in mind the following charracteristics.


  1. How were the means of transport before?
  2. How were the first means of transport of this category?
  3. How are these means of transport currently?
  4. What are the characteristic of this means of transport?

IMPORTANT: The presentation will start the week of the February 6th to 10th. During the week of  January 30th to February 3rd the Students will prepare the presentation during the class in order to clarify questions.


The following aspects will be taken into account at the time of qualifying the presentation.

  • Use of English
  • Creativity
  • Information provided
  • Materials
  • Body expresión

For the creation of the placard you will need all the tools that you can bring to school, but is very important to bring too the information of the topic to explain and in that way write the information in the placard. now, you can see the information of the work groups in the diferent fourth grade groups. 

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video tutorial and activity.   creating a new sprite i scratch

hello everybody, here I let you the video tutorial about how to create a new sprite in Scratch. 




After the explanation at school and the video tutorial, create 6 sprites of people like poets. You can guide with the images that appear here.

The types os industries

Primary industries:

Extract raw materials (which are natural products) from the land or sea.


* Mining

* Forestry

* farming

Secondary industries:

Involve the manufacture of raw materials, into another product by manual labor or machines.


* Assembly lines

Tertiary industries

They don´t produce a raw material or make a product, instead they provide services to other people and industries.


* Doctors

* Refuse collection

* Banks.

Quaternary industries

Involve the use of high tech industries; people who work for these companies are often highly qualified within their field of work.


* Nanotechnology

Donwload the following REVIEW ACTIVITY in order to practice this new topic, remember that the keyword help you to understand the different category. This will not have a valorative note, but may help you in the final evaluation.



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types of industries workshop

Hola a todos, aquí les dejamos el trabajo para la semana del 6 al 10 de marzo que deben presentar. este trabajo solo lo presentan los que no perdieron el examen final. Ojo, el trabajo lo deben descargar, realizarlo y entregarlo en CARPETA BLANCA. el plazo máximo para la entrega del trabajo es el día viernes 10 de marzo. Bendiciones.

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ii term final makeup workshop     (taller de recuperacion)

Para los estudiantes que reprobaron el examen final, aqui esta el trabajo de recuperacion.  Ojo, el trabajo lo deben descargar, realizarlo y entregarlo en CARPETA BLANCA. el plazo máximo para la entrega del trabajo es el día viernes 10 de marzo. Bendiciones.

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