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*Identifica relaciones de causalidad en los hechos históricos que determinaron la independencia.


*Analiza hechos y personajes influyentes en Colombia a comienzos del siglo XX determinando su relación con el presente.



Videos sobre la violencia y la paz en Colombia (Sociales)





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Friday, May 11th 2018



A new kingdom in America


After the long process of conquest of our territory, a slow time of colonization came for almost three centuries, imposing the European administration which introduced new customs and paved the way towards our FREEDOM!


The New Kingdom of Granada (1550-1810) was the name given to the first administrative organization we had in our country after the conquest. This designation was granted by Spaniards and meant that we were part of the Spanish empire; therefore, we were under their rule and laws.


The political, social, and economic situation in the provinces depended directly on what happened in the metropolis (Spain). The politics of New Granada focused on two institutions located in Spain: The Royal and Supreme Council of the Indies,  which issued laws specifically designed for the colonies; and The House of Trade, that watched the transit of trade and migration between America and Spain, it also helped to organize expeditions for explorations and commercial purposes.


On the other hand, the local institutions structure was composed of the Councils and The Royal Court. These institutions were responsible for ensuring compliance with the mandates of Spain; they were made up of the Viceroys, General captains, Governors, and Corregidores.


In terms of political organization, the metropolis also managed to establish different institutions and taxes that were collected from the population, as a way to prop up the crown (The more known were Encomienda and Mita.) By this time, the power of an empire depended on the amount of gold and metals; for this reason, these elements became the economic base of the kingdom.


Over two hundred years, the Spanish ruled and brought exploitation and injustice to the American people; the ideals of a political, economic, and social transformation started to wake up in New Granada. These ideals were strengthened by several events that aroused in the local population the independence germ.


Taken and adapted from Social Planet 5, Enlace Editorial (pages 78 to 81)