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Social Studies





Performance indicators



*Identifica relaciones de causalidad en los hechos históricos que determinaron la independencia.


*Analiza hechos y personajes influyentes en Colombia a comienzos del siglo XX determinando su relación con el presente.




Hello my dear students! This is the link that will take you to the article called "Colombia's Independence Day," in which you will find information about this important event for our independence from the Spanish rule.


REMEMBER to read it well, not only once but two, three or more times if necessary since you will have to solve some items next class. If you want you can transcribe it in your notebook or print it and paste it.




Workshop: Dictation


Period of "La Patria Boba" during the process of the Independence of Colombia:

Foolish Fatherland


It is referred to "La Patria Boba" the Colombian pro-independence period that produced great conflict between the Creoles, who were divided into two groups: The Centralists who wanted to exert the power from Santa Fe towards all nation; on the other side, The Federalists who wanted to exert such power, but independently from the central state.

Videos sobre la violencia y la paz en Colombia (Sociales)