performance indicators


  1. Identifica la estructura y función de la célula para desarrollar esquemas del conocimiento.
  2. Identifica la anatomía y fisiología del Sistema reproductor, nervioso y endocrino en los seres vivos para desarrollar esquemas de conocimiento.
  3. Adquiere hábitos saludables encaminados al cuidado de su cuerpo.


  • Cumple con los acuerdos grupales promoviendo un ambiente armónico en el grupo.


  • Presenta de manera oportuna y puntual tareas, talleres, exposiciones, cuadernos, libros, etc.

Many other scientists continued Hooke’s work. However, they used more powerful microscopes that allowed them to study small details of the cells that had been invisible to Hooke. The work and observations of those scientists laid the basis for the modern cell-theory, which today, is still the accepted scientific explanation of the relationship between cells and all living organisms. The cell theory states that:

  1. All living organisms are made of cells
  2. Cells are the basic building blocks of life.
  3. All cells come from other cells.

Activity: (Don't forget to write the activity to submit in english)

After you have watched the videos, answer:


1. What is a diploid cell?



2. Draw a pedigree chart about other characteristics or disorders. You can search on internet or create one by yourself. Be ready for explain it orally.


3. What are the stages of mitosis? Explain and draw them.



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