ImportanT information.


Light travels in different directions such as in a straight line or in any direction.


Reflection: occurs when light bounces off objects. If the surface is rough, the light scatters.  If the surface is smooth and flat, the light will bounce off it at equal angles.


- Refraction: Is the change in direction of the rays when they pass through a transparent material.   


Materials: There are certain types of materials that let ligh go through them. And this type of materials are called:  

- Opaque

- Translucent

- Transparent


- An opaque material doesnt let light go through it and it produce a shadow. For example: A Wall. 

- A translucent material is the one that let light go trhough it but it doesnt le us to see clearly the bodies that are behind it. For example: plastic.   

- A transparent material is the one that  allows light to get through it and it le tus see clearly the bodies that are behind it. For example: cristal, water



Heat is the transfer of energy from a one object to another due to a difference in temperature.

There are three types of heat transfer.


Conduction: it is transferred between bodies that are in contact and different temperatures.

Convection: It is transferred between a liquid  or gas.

Radiation: It is transferred without contact between the bodies. 



Sound travels in waves made by vibrating objects. If an object vibrates with enough energy we can hear a sound.


Properties of sound.

Frequency: It depends how fast or slow a sound wave moves. It is measured in hertz.

Intensity: It is the loudness of a sound. It is measured in decibels

Loudness: The amplitude of a sound wave determines its loudness or volume.

Pitch: The frequency of a sound wave is what your ear understands as pitch


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