welcome to third term!

Hi guys! We are coming to an end. This school year is almost over, so enjoy it as much as you can. Let's check our final project.


The main goal of these presentations is that you -STUDENTS-, get to know the most influential and famous artist and art movements. It's time to go further and understand why DaVinci was so iconic, VanGogh's "The Starry Night" created such a fuzz, and Botero's large (or fat?) figures are the most known Colombian-artistic work.  Let's see what do you need for your presentation.


1. Be creative. Try to step out of your comfort zone. You can use the most representative feature of your artist. What about Dali's moustache or Warhol's silver hair? Enjoy it! 

Salvador Dalí

Andy Warhol

Frida Kahlo

2: Don't do posters with information and don't repeat information from Wikipedia, instead, do some memory cards to remind what do you have to say, be relax and fresh as a cucumber, also remember: ENJOY IT! You only have to talk (IN ENGLISH, OF COURSE) for 2 minutes. Try to focus on these topics to prepare your presentation:


-Where in the planet, this artist or movement happened to exist? For example: Omar Rayo is from Roldanillo - Valle (Yes, that Museum is his), Islamic Tiling developed with Islam expansion from Arabia, Middle-East up to Asia and around the world. Rembrandt was born in Neetherlands. 


-Who or what are the biggest influences/inspiration for their work? For example: Pablo Picasso was inspired by Diego Velásquez and El Greco, as well by African and Oceanian Art; Tibetan Mandala has influence of Buddhism and Francis Bacon was inspired/influenced by famous writers like Shakespeare or T.S Elliot.


-Is there any special event that had impacted the artist's life? Or the movement development? For example: Gothic Art was determined by religion, Christianity, and situations related to it (angels coming from heaven, hell and mytical monsters, and the list goes on). Chuck Close paints his hyperrealist portraits from a wheel chair. Details are always important. ALWAYS. 


-What are the most famous art work? For example: Jackson Pollock most famous painting is Autum Rhythm/Number 30, and his atwork remains as one of the most expensive of the history. Op-Art movement and its numerous artist have a lot of well-know and replicated works, like Victor Vasarely's Zebra. 


-What is the influence of this artist/movement? For example: almost every catholic (and non-catholic too) has a replica of DaVinci's "Last Supper" in front of their dinner table; abstract paintings are everywhere, and even if you don't understand or like them, they have been important, and we have to thank Mr. Vassily Kandinsky (among others). You think flower crowns are something new? Check Frida Kahlo's self-portraits. See, art is everywhere, you just have to pay attention. 

Left: "Inocencio X" by Diego Velázquez - Right: "Study after Velázquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X" by Francis Bacon.

3. You can search information in these places:


-Go to Museum "La Tertulia"


-Check videos on Youtube 

-Google Arts & Culture (you have access to artworks, museums, fun facts and even, to learn new artistic techniques)

-Web pages of museums and galleries (I suggest MET Museum, its collection is HUGE!)

-Memes (Really)

-Asking to people who know about art


And try to go further of page 1 in Google results of your searchings. You can find amazing things there. 


4. The ONLY PRODUCT of this presentation is a DRAWING/PAINTING inspired by your artist/art movement. Check the most representative colors, types of lines, compositions (symmetrical, radial, asymmetrical), subjects (portraits, landscapes, geometric figures, situations, etc.). Again, don't be afraid and create.


The requirements are:


-1/8 Dúrex cardboard

-2 cm margins (width - lenght)

-Pencil colors, watercolors, acrylics, pastel chalks, pen and inks, etc. Choose what makes you feel comfortable and inspired. 


Ink Drawing inspired by VanGogh's "Starry Night"

Crayon drawing inspired by Claude Monet's "Water lilies"

Watercolor painting inspired by Persian Miniatures

5. Presentation dates: 


  • 6A - 6B - 6C: May 23rd
  • 6D - 6E: May 24th